Thursday, May 16, 2013

Choose Happiness by guest blogger Monger

Choose Happiness.  Is this a true life strategy or a cliche? I worry.  Choosing Happiness should be s simple act.  However, it is not.  It is hard work and complicated .  I try. I am flawed. I fail.  The guilt sets in.  What a spiral.

I look around and see that it is so much easier, so much more satisfying to blame, complain, let others influence me.  I hear the excuses and watch as those around me continually look outside for relief.  How you doin’ today?  “I’m so tired”, “Can’t wait for the the weekend...(vacation, summer break... etc.)  Why is it we rarely hear, “Doing great!”, “Glad to be here”?

Driving in today I sat and listened to the voices in my head trying to rile me up, try to excuse my poor choices.  I felt the guilt of letting down those I hold dear in my heart and trying to justify my attitude with some outside force.  BUT, and I mean but, I know that the feelings in my heart must override the voice.  I will negate the instinct to blame with accepting my own responsibility in this world.

I believe that Choosing Happiness is a responsibility.  It is conscience act of love and I want my love for you to prevail.  Ask me how I am doing and I will tell you true that I am blessed to have you in my life.  I am sorry for my failures, and will continue to strive for Happiness.  Ask me how I am doing and I promise to answer you with True Happiness.  “I am doing great”.

~ by guest blogger +sheila monger