Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Global Read Aloud - day 1

In the book we are reading, Out of My Mind, by Sharon Draper, we just read how 11 year old Melody can't speak and is in a wheelchair. Some people, we are told, never bother to ask her name. We asked them to blog about this. Here was one of the posts and a comment that followed.

"I think Melody might feel sad or upset when people don’t ask her name or ignore her because she might think that she is sort of invisible. Just because she is disabled, it doesn’t mean that she can’t be respected like other people."

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I agree that melody should be respected. When I came to Bagby, I kinda felt respected. But, not a lot of teachers talked to me. I earned respect when I was in 4th grade when teachers wanted me in class. I learned more words so teachers fought over having me in class.

Another post from a boy who is mostly non-verbal, "Melody is sad, or shy.  Maybe she as a broken leg? She is sad when people ignore her.  I am, too."

Global Read Aloud 13 is going to be an incredible and intense experience reading this book with our classes!
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