Wednesday, July 13, 2011

So much has been write about standardizing what teachers do and say. I truly believe that evaluating teachers on their ability to be good teachers is key to improving our educational system. Yet how to come up with a reasonable, fair way to evaluate teachers really is a complex issue. Teachers are getting bashed in the press and in movies! It was nice to read about supporting our teachers in the Huffington Post.

Esther Wojcicki wrote, The center of a classroom is not a test, a textbook, or the posters on the wall. It's not a state or district policy, and it most certainly is not a federal law. The heart of the classroom is found in the unique relationships between students and teachers. In the same way that a family turns a house into a home, a physical and emotional transformation takes place when teachers and students work together in community to reach common goals. We see it in the trust, the expectations, the experiences and the knowledge of every person in the class.

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