Sunday, March 18, 2012

Wait til Next Year

Well, it happened again, I knew it would and I knew it all year and it still made me cry!  I was hired as a temp status by my new district. I tried not to get involved, to stay distant.  But it still hurt like hell on March 15 when they told me I won't be hired back. My cousin had dinner with my superintendent this week (it is a small world) and I asked jokingly, "did she say good things about me?"

"Actually, yes. But she still pink slipped you any way!" he ribbed back.  Funny but not.

Why is it good employees get laid off? The system is broken and I wish I knew how to fix it.

 Of course there is a strong likelihood they will call me back in August to offer me another temp contract for a year.  Yeah - I'll get to keep teaching...Boo - I still have to pack and move  and move and unpack

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